Jan Kiekeben 

Product Designer & DesignOps Manager
Striving for a little more delight in digital products.

That's me

I love working with an awesome team on digital products.

My work

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Writing and Speaking

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the UX community.

My talk at World Usability Congress 2021

At this year's WUC in Graz, I shared my story of "Design Critique"

My talk at UX Camp Europe

At this year's UX Camp Europe, I shared my story of "an environment for Lean UX."

Looking for lean UX processes? 
Change your environment!

I published a 4 part article story about how to become more lean in your team processes.

Introducing Design Critiques 
to large UX organizations

I published my story and lessons learned about our UX practice at XING. 

Design Critique @ Digitale Leute Summit

I had so much fun to tell my story about our Design Critique practice and share my know how with the community.

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I'm always interested in a good conversation about 
user experience and product.