A sneak-peek into my work

This is a selection of digital products I worked on as a product designer to show the variety of work I do.

If you're interested in my Coaching or DesignOps practice, please contact me, browse my writings or watch my talks online.

Around You


"Around you" uses the built-in Bluetooth technology of iOS and Android smartphones to allow people in the same area to connect on XING.

It started as a Hackweek project in the team, where we were able to develop a working prototype within a week to test it with users. The prototype was then iteratively developed into a feature within the XING App. The challenge of the project was to create a product that makes the technology disappear and focus on a user-friendly experience.

My contribution to the team: Research, Concept, Product Design (iOS & Android App), IxD/VD, Marketing Strategy, User Testing, Field Test.

Your Network


The new "Your Network" section makes it easier to discover interesting XING members and add them to your network. The experience focuses on three core UX product principles: Up-to-date people content, engagement with your network and inspiration to expand your network.

The project started with thorough user research and analytics of the existing product. During the product discovery phase multiple iterations were continuously tested with users. Within a few month the first release was live and an iterative build-measure-learn cycle was started in order to ship features that meet user needs.

My contribution to the team: Strategy, Research, Concept, Product Design, IxD/VD, User Testing, Release Planning, Analytics, etc.

Platform Content Research


In this research project the global navigation of the Immonet platform was examined and potential optimizations and restructurings were designed and validated.

We conducted qualitative and quantitative research with the existing content structure. Based on findings a new structure was created and with a benchmark analysis validated. 

My contribution to the team: Research Survey Design, Card Sorting Test, Analytics, Concept, etc.


A 24h hackathon project

"get:there" is a social network to share individual holiday trips with friends and the world. Let yourself be inspired, find new trips to your preferences or spontaneous excursions in your surroundings. Experience great trips in your own way and share them with others. "get:there" is your social network for your holiday adventures and anything but the boring package holiday from the catalog!

This concept and prototype was created in 24 hours on the Axel Springer Hackday 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Video

My contribution to the team: Concept, Business Model, IxD/VD, Pitch

What I do best

The field of product design requires a vast amount of skills. But even with +15 years of experience and a well-running design process, I never stop learning.

  • Coaching: Helping product teams navigate the complex field of innovation and discovery is a skill that sets me apart from an ordinary UX designer.

  • Leadership: Design is a team sport, and leadership in design is for me when I make everyone in the team a better designer. A good feedback culture is a cornerstone to this objective.

  • Product Strategy: A compelling product vision is the source of motivation, but a smart product strategy is where a good idea becomes a successful idea.

  • Team player: I prefer to work in an empowered product team and bring my expertise to the mix. We start together, learn, improve and celebrate success as a team.

  • Concept: Designing a delightful experience can be the differentiator between an average and an exceptional product. It starts with a concept that meets the needs of the user and adds value to the business.

  • Prototyping: You have to feel it to understand it. Prototyping is the medium to validate the concept by putting it in the hands of the user.

  • Operations: Design Operations focuses on the 'how' so every team player can excel on the 'what' to create great products.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about the stories behind the projects? Let's talk! I'm looking forward to meeting you and telling you all about it.