šŸ‘‹ Hello, Iā€™m Jan

I'm enthusiastic about digital products, which we all like to use and enjoy. I'm interested in all aspects of making good product design, such as human factors, research, strategy, lean processes and good interaction design with the aim to bring a little more delight into the online world. 

I currently work at XING, improving the working life of millions of users. In my current role, I lead design teams as well as coach teams at discovering innovative products. In my coaching I bring +12 years of experience in digital Product Design to the table and with it many years of experience in frameworks like Lean UX, Product Discovery, Design Thinking, Agile and such. 

In my career I worked as a Product Designer, DesignOps Manager, Usability Engineer and Consultant for different tech companies and various publishing houses around the globe.

How I like to work

The top priority for me is working with an awesome team to create delightful experiences. I'm very well aware that I'm just one piece of the puzzle, and the magic happens when talented people come together and create awesomeness.

My second priority is the product or service I'm designing for. Good user experiences and exceptional products need each other. 

A good design process and collaboration are very important to my way of working. I appreciate the iterative approach to product design and focus on impact.

What I do best

Creating successful products requires a vast amount of skills. But even with many years of experience and a well-running design process, I never stop learning.

  • Coaching: Helping product teams navigate the complex field of innovation and discovery is a skill that sets me apart from an ordinary UX designer.

  • Leadership: Design is a team sport, and leadership in design is for me when I make everyone in the team a better designer. A good feedback culture is a cornerstone to this objective.

  • Product Strategy: A compelling product vision is the source of motivation, but a smart product strategy is where a good idea becomes a successful idea.

  • Team player: I prefer to work in an empowered product team and bring my expertise to the mix. We start together, learn, improve and celebrate success as a team.

  • Concept: Designing a delightful experience can be the differentiator between an average and an exceptional product. It starts with a concept that meets the needs of the user and adds value to the business.

  • Prototyping: You have to feel it to understand it. Prototyping is the medium to validate the concept by putting it in the hands of the user.

  • Operations: Design Operations focuses on the 'how' so every team player can excel on the 'what' to create great products.

Things I enjoy doing

  • Speaking - I started to share my stories on local Meetups and UX events.

  • Writing - I like to write about my UX practice on Medium.

  • Volunteer - I volunteer on the yearly "UX Camp Hamburg" Barcamp and other Meetups.

Looking for my CV?

In today's digital world you can find all my previous work experience and skills on XING and LinkedIn. If you need more, please don't hesitate to reach out.